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Interior Design Near Me

Knowing what you want and what you need in your space is only one of the parts of the process, the other part of the mission is hiring the right person for the job. This is not as easy as it may seem, there are limitations due to where you live because even if you love a designer’s work, they will only be able to provide their services to you if you live nearby. The correct order to do this in is to filter designers by location and then, within those options, deciding the one who suits your style/budget the most.


Logically, it seems right for interior designers to limit where they work at because they need to visit the house constantly to get the job done right. Additionally, it is important for them to be specialized in certain locations because that means they know the area well enough and can help out with what works based on climate, architecture, local design styles, local stores, etc.

This guarantees the client that the interior designer is a connoisseur in the area they are offering their service at, this works great because there are many clients who are new to the area and it also benefits those who have lived in the area for many years because they won’t need to explain the basics to whom they’re hiring.

How to find them?

There are many platforms that do the filtering for you. For example:

1. Houzz

This is a super easy platform to use, you just need to put in your location, and it shows you the designers that work in the area. You can see their projects, read reviews people have written about their work and read the bios where they describe the service they provide.

2. Angi's List

This nationwide site can be used to find those local designers in your area, they pride themselves in being the site where you find pros and fair pricing for any home project for free. This is a website where they ask you specifically the service you’re searching for, after that, they connect you with those who can be of any help, filtering all the options for you and displaying only the ones that can apply. It is important to note that that a downside to this website is that there are specific parts of it that can only be accessed if you pay a membership.

3. LinkedIn Interior Designers

This platform asks you certain questions to know the kind of style you’re looking for, after that, it shows you the interior designers available in your area. The initial questionnaire is effective, but if you’re someone who doesn’t like to take the time to answer quizzes, this one won’t be the perfect fit for you.

4. Yelp

It can help you find a good interior designer, the only thing you need to do is look for interior design services in the search bar and all the local designers will show up. This is easy to use because everyone has already used it to search the best restaurant to eat at, so the only difference is that you’ll be reading reviews about design experiences instead of food quality.

5. Decorilla

This platform works perfectly for those who don’t want to compromise in style but need to stick to a budget. Decorilla pairs the user with two designers to choose from, the both of them will match your style and your budget. It is really good for those who want to spend less time looking into who they’re going to hire, but it limits the freedom of choosing to prioritize style over the desired budget.

How to choose them?

There are many factors to consider, firstly you need to set your priorities straight, there are many people who prioritize the design over the budget and others who set the budget and find whose work they like within it, that way they will only fall in love with the work they can afford.


Many designers have their specialty, you can pick them based on the style you’re looking for in your ideal home. This can be done by looking at the projects that they have done to other clients, seeing if you like the way they balance beauty and functionality and decide if it’s the perfect one for you. There are many different design styles you can look into in Pinterest to see which one fits you better, for example:
  • Farmhouse
  • Traditional
  • Coastal
  • Bohemian
  • Midcentury Modern
  • Scandinavian
  • Southwestern


There are many different interior designers in the market for you to choose from, some are more expensive than others, but it’s good to have a broad idea of how much their services cost. The interior designer’s hour can cost from $20 to $200, there are many things that can vary the designer’s cost, for example, their fame, the size of the house and where the property is located in.

This is the hard part, once you’ve chosen who you want to hire they will take over and it will be your time to relax and enjoy the process.

Explore the possibilities ...

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Neal Davis CEO

My vision for SimplePlan was to make Interior Design in Destin, Florida available to more people. Everyone deserves a beautiful space.

After seeing someone close to me deal with the challenges of the old traditional method, I knew there had to be a better way. We have created a simplified process where there is no sales pressure or huge time commitment of multiple home visits. The result; 1 room online design package is $500 or only $600 if you are in our market.

Our team works tirelessly to delivery a world class experience for our clients daily.

- Doug Davis CEO/Founder

Our Interior Design Service

Our Packages Include:

We’ll Help You Find Your Interior Design Style

Our SimplePlan team includes designers, decorators, and architects, all working together to deliver your personalized design and plan that meets all your needs.

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Designer Name

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Designer Name

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Why choose SimplePlan

We understand how busy you are, so we make things fast, simple and easy, so you can get that interior design service you want without losing time for yourself and your family.

How It Works



Our design packages are upfront and transparent, charged by the room. No hidden fees or surprises.
Discounts for additional rooms. Secure checkout with credit/debit, PayPal, Apple or Google Pay.


Customer service will coordinate with you the best day and time for your in-person site survey. If you are outside our market, then we will schedule a phone or video call.

Site Survey

We will conducts an in-person consultation. Collect measurements, photos, and sketch your rooms. One brief, but thorough meeting is all we need.

* Online Only

If you're outside our market, no worries. Complete your questionnaire over the phone or video call, take pictures and upload your measurements.

Stage 2: DESIGN

Concept Design

Our design team will present to you 2 Concept Designs for your review. Provide feedback. Get inspired. Have fun!


The team will work with you daily through out Design Studio. Revise and update. Present Revision #1 for your review and feedback.

Develop & Shop

Further collaboration to get the look and feel just right for your rooms. Review the shopping list and approve or reject the items. Work towards a shopping list that meets your budget, style and timeline.

Final Design

CONGRATULATIONS! Receive your final design and plan. 3D renderings, mood boards, furniture layout, measurement pages, list of local trade partners and more!


Shopping List

Now that you have your final plan, let's make it a reality. Final review of your shopping list with your designer. Ship to our warehouse or direct to your home?


Enjoy the simple process of making 1 payment to SimplePlan for all your furniture and accessories. Our team will then handle the purchasing, shipping and coordinate delivery.


Ship to our warehouse where our team will receive, inspect and store safely until you are ready. 1 month free storage. Additional monthly storage fees will apply.


We will deliver to your home, carry inside, and sit exactly where you would like it. If needed, our team can also remove any old items or assembly your new furniture. Additional fees may apply.

Note: Warehouse and Delivery option available for orders of $4,000 or more. Not available if outside our market.

"I asked the SimplePlan team to show me 2 different options with the floor color and material (couldn’t decide if wood or tile would look best) and wall color and cabinet colors… they did all these. From the final report that was given to me I was able to make a good decision and saved me the headache of not knowing if I would like it or not."
Jason R.
"From the report our contractor was able to work up his bid, material costs and help us identify a few issues that would have been missed if not for the SimplePlan and Doug’s team. This saved us many headaches and major losses down the road. Great value!!"
Bebe M.

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