Client Testimonies

Ryan and Shermaine

I love how the visuals really bring everything to life, especially the Current vs Future plan comparison, the 2D, 3D view… down to the 360 deg Front-to-Back view. I especially love the 3D walkthrough starting from the front entrance. You went above and beyond to deliver visuals encompassing every single angle! The intro music to the video is soothing and classy, The two Dobermans are a very nice touch!

I noticed you matched the furniture look as similar as possible to what the home currently has, that is another plus point on meticulousness 🌟

Debbie Miller

We recently had purchased a new home and was excited about moving to Miramar Beach. The stress of move and from the long list of renovation ideas from floors, paint, new cabinets and countertops and a bathroom upgrade was having its toll.

We heard about SimplePlan from a friend and decided to check it out. Doug came out and was on time, took his shoes off at the door and was a great listener. He took good notes, measured our entire home and even the furniture in the space. He took pictures and then a week later we had our plan. It was through and complete. Amazing to see your space in 3d and the video really blew my mind. The attention to detail was great. The team captured everything and was able to show me different floor options, cabinet and countertop combinations. The final report he gave us showed everything and allowed us to make the right decision with confidence.

We were going to use an interior designer but they were over $5,000 and I always felt pressured to buy their furniture. With the economy, and the price of materials, the SimplePlan saved us money and there was no pressure. SIMPLE! Would use again and was excited to give my testimony here.

Bebe Moseley

Were to start? First, Doug was just amazing. He was patient and helped us to make sense of everything. We will be opening the back wall of our 2 story home to make way for an additional garage, and on the 2nd level extending our master bathroom, kitchen, dining room and a rear deck. I wanted a kitchen island, extra storage space in a pantry and even a dumb waiter up to the second level. We wanted large windows on the back wall, tuck doors in the closets, French doors out the back, and much more! Doug sat with us and took in all our visions, ideas, concerns. We enjoyed a few cups of coffee and had a nice visit together. He delivered on time and as promised. He exceeded what we thought could have be done. The final report (SimplePlan) had all the images from above and 3D and the video was amazing. From this, we were able to make a good decision and move forward with clarity. My contractor loves the SimplePlan, because it was easy for him to see exactly what my husband and I wanted. From the report our contractor was able to work up his bid, material costs and help us identify a few issues that would have been missed if not for the SimplePlan and Doug’s team. This saved us many headaches and major losses down the road. Great value!!

Jason Robert

The SimplePlan team was great. I recently purchased a studio condo in SanDestin and wanted to renovate. Prior to starting, I heard about this service, and I am so glad I had. I was able to see my space laid out in 3d! Was great! I asked the SimplePlan team to show me 2 different options with the floor color and material (couldn’t decide if wood or tile would look best) and wall color and cabinet colors… they did all these. From the final report that was given to me I was able to make a good decision and saved me the headache of not knowing if I would like it or not. The video was a great touch as well. an So SIMPLE! Well worth the $600 bucks!

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